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Learn to Speak Portuguese!

The lightning population growth of Portuguese-speaking Brazil alone makes Portuguese a major world language. Ancient Portuguese navigators carried the language to the mid-Atlantic, the African countries of Angola and Mozambique, the enclaave of Goa in India, and even the Indonesian island Timor.

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Portuguese is the ninth most-widely spoken language in the world, after Chinese, English, Hindi-Urdu, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Indonesian.

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Rosetta Stone
Their Dynamic Immersion method of instruction teaches language through thousands of real-life pictures and the voices of native speakers to instruct the user in the areas of language comprehension, reading, writing and speaking. Learn Portuguese - Free 2-Day Shipping in the U.S.
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Transparent Language Software
If you want to try a great application to learn a language then visit the Transparent Language Software company. You can download a FREE version of their "Before You Know It" software. It's a great tool to use in order to learn Portuguese
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With over 100 years experience in language training, Linguaphone is an excellent resource to use for learning Brazilian Portuguese. You can view the self-study language courses at Linguaphone US
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