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Transparent Language

Best language learning software at Transparent.com

Transparent Language

Last Reviewed
Language(s) French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese and others
Free Demo YES, even a free download via Before You Know It.

Dialogue between native speakers, using videos.

Reading, speaking (speech recognition engine)

30-day money back guarantee of physical products.

Great for visual learners who don't like a lot of traditional "classroom" learning.

Have "online-only" versions of most of their software.


Jump right into actual conversions between native speakers!

Relatively cheap compared to other services/products.

Many diverse products to use in order to learn by different methods.

Cons The acting in some of the videos won't win any oscars.

What They Say...

Transparent Language develops language learning solutions that enable communications in today's global society. The company introduced its first language software products in 1991 and today offers language learning solutions to the Internet and enterprise environments, as well as to individual consumers.

Transparent Language's language-learning solutions incorporate the company's breakthrough Transparent Method and technologies for computer-based language learning. This revolutionary system of frequent, successful learning experiences ensures that adults enjoy a fun, thorough exposure to the basics of each language. The Transparent Method makes it possible for individuals to successfully master a language by effectively applying skills in a rich, interactive learning environment.
Transparent Language offers a variety of language learning software, including LanguageNow!, Before You Know It, WordAce!, LinguaMatch, and KidSpeak. The company also offers a translation program, EasyTranslator, and a variety of audio learning products, including All Talk and PDQ.

Transparent Language products are licensed for worldwide use by educational arms of the U.S. Department of Defense, including the National Cryptologic School and the Foreign Services Institute. The products are used by more than 10,000 schools and colleges, including leading universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Baylor, and the College of William and Mary, to enhance their language programs.





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