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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Language Software

Rosetta Stone

Last Reviewed
Language(s) Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Many others
Free Demo YES

Dialogue between native speakers. Immersion method.

Reading, Writing, speaking (speech recognition engine)

Their Learn Spanish software (latin) has a level three, as does their English version.

Great for visual learners who don't like a lot of traditional "classroom" learning.

Have "online-only" versions of most of their software.

Pros Their reputation as a 'name you can trust'. They have a 6 MONTH money-back guarantee on ALL of their products.
Cons Cost for some of the software products may be a factor for some people.

What They Say...

Fairfield Language Technologies publishes Rosetta Stone, revolutionary CD-ROM and online language-learning software acclaimed for its speed, power, and effectiveness.

Fairfield Language Technologies was founded in 1991 with two core beliefs.
The natural way we learn native languages as children remains, for everyone, the most successful method for learning new languages. And interactive technology can replicate and activate that method powerfully for learners of any age.

The company brought together educators and technologists who strived to create the world's only comprehensive language-learning software based exclusively on immersion instruction in the target language. The success of that partnership continues to show in Rosetta Stone.

 Want testimonials? They have a number of them on their site, as well as reviews from some respected organizations.




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