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Learn a Language Site Ratings

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and Reviews

I've reviewed the net's best Language Learning sites so you won't waste your time trying to separate the frills from the fluff.

If you've found a site/product you think should be mentioned, or if you have opinions on a site or review you see here, please send us an email and we'll review the site, product(s) and service and post our ratings/reviews here. You can contact us here.

The chart below is organized alphabetically with each site's rating listed to the left.

How do we determine a site's rank? It's an average score based on ratings in the following categories: site navigation, quality of products, service, and 'visitor/customer approval' rate

Based on the above-mentioned categories, we assign a 3, 4 or 5 asterisk (STAR) rating to each of the companies/sites.

More reviews will be coming soon so check back often!

*** Good
**** Better
***** Best

Language Site Reviews

Rating Site Languages
**** Audible.com Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, Chinese, German
**** Linguaphone

Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, German, and Many others

***** Rosetta Stone Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Many others
***** Multilingual Center Spanish
***** Transparent Language French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese



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