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Multilingual Center

  Multilingual Center

Multilingual Center

Last Reviewed
Language(s) Spanish
Free Demo YES, they offer an actual live teleclass where you can call in and listen to an instructor-led class.

They offer varying levels of instruction, from: beginning to immersion.

They even offer Spanish language education for Health Care workers.

Students interact simultaneously via phone and the internet. It's almost like being in an actual class!


Can answer questions via Java application almost as though you were there.

The site offers CDs.

They also offer one-on-one instruction as well as custom instruction at reasonable prices.

They also offer Workplace Spanish for: Housekeeping, Hotels, Restaurant Manager, Automotive, Bank, and Finance Personnel.


Website access for classes works primarily with Internet Explorer. With other browsers, such as Netscape, you may not adequately get the full class experience.

The pace may not match the student's expectations. Some of the more intermediate classes may cover more basic information than some students would like. Just be patient, however, as the class will catch up and you will learn something.

What They Say...

Our teaching methodology is highly innovative. All instruction is administered using the Internet to share visuals and the telephone for sharing the audio. Learning is much better by telephone than in a face-to-face settings because participants become used to voice, rather than non-verbal gestures. Since face-to-face learning uses on non-verbal signs, most of what you think you hear is non-verbal. Thus, telephone and web collaboration training provide better learning results. Most students taught face-to-face choke up when confronted by a telephone call in Spanish. These students are just not used to real language situations.

Other benefits of learning via the web and phone:

  • Web collaboration and the Internet can help provide a more entertaining and interactive virtual class experience.
  • Students become accustomed to voice, rather than non-verbal gestures.
  • Students can receive instruction almost anytime, early in the morning or late at night. Instructors have their professional offices at home, therefore using the Internet, they can teach extended hours.
  • Receive instruction anywhere, from your home or office (even when you travel). You do not have to go to a physical location. Thus, stay consistent even when you travel. Students just need an Internet connection and call in from anywhere



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